Their body is muscular and of significant weight considering their height. The Bulldog comes in a variety of colors and ideally has a smooth, short coat. The colorsare brindle , red (like a chestnut horse), white, and fawn (often with white markings on any color). The skin on his face falls in folds, and his legs are set wide apart. Although short and stout, he also has a sturdy build. The height of the Bulldog is around 14-15 inches, and these dogs weigh in at 40-60 pounds.

For a dog that was bred to go toe to toe with bulls, the Bulldog is extraordinarily docile and gentle. Anyone who has spent any time with this breed will tell you that they are truly affectionate. Bulldog is known to be extremely amiable, friendly, and loving, and loves to spend time with his family. Known to be one of the most dependable breeds around, the Bulldog makes a wonderful family pet. They thrive on human attention and are dependent upon it for their happiness and well-being.

This breed will need firm and consistent training in order for them to grasp any type of obedience concept. They are a very stubborn breed that will need a patient owner. They do not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods. Training must be done with firmness, fairness, patience, consistency, praise, and reward.

The Bulldog must have daily exercise to stay fit. A securely leashed walk will suffice. They also benefit from and enjoy short family play sessions. The Bulldog will need about a half an hour of exercise per day to tire them out. This can be done at a dog park or just on a longer walk because playing throughout the day will not be enough for this breed.

The Bulldog is known to be excellent with children. They will get along with other pets they have been raised with but may be rude and try to bully strange dogs. This breed is very possessive of food and should never be fed in the presence of children or pets. With strangers the Bulldog may be reserved, although some will be quite friendly. He is a sensitive and intelligent dog, and is ideal as a pet in a relaxed household.

This breed is well suited for apartment, condominium, and city dwelling. Bulldogs are very inactive indoors and do not need a yard. Bulldogs may have trouble breathing in humid weather and often snore at night. They do not like water, and generally cannot swim.

This breed is an average shedder; it needs a brushing several times a week and the wrinkles on its face cleaned with a damp cloth often. Bathe your Bulldog only when you find it necessary. This breed has a tendency to slobber and drool so daily cleaning of the face is a must.

The lifespan of the Bulldog is relatively short compared to some other breeds, and is around 8-10 years. Hereditary health issues are rather common in this breed, and include canine hip dysplasia, shoulder luxation, elongated soft palate, internalized tail, stenotic nares, ventricular septal defect and KCS. Nearly all Bulldogs must be born by Caesarean section due to their large heads. They are adverse to weather extremes and are highly susceptible to heat stroke.

The Bulldog originated in England and was bred to fight bulls. They are a mixture of the Mastiff and the Pug which gives them their pushed in face and muscular body. The breed was registered with the AKC in 1934.

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