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What is your dog trying to say? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

That’s because dogs speak using body language.

Type a word into canine translator to see what your pooch is trying to tell you.


You probably realize that you are a mere servant to your dog, and obey their every command.
But, did you know that this is merely part of a much larger plot to rule the entire world?

Dogs have had their paws in world politics for many years, using world leaders as pawns and even establishing themselves as fixture in the Whitehouse.
Now, because of reports of increased Terrier chatter, the government is warning us that they may be ready to launch the final phase of their diabolical plot.

Brain-Building Toys for Dogs

Kyjen’s Puzzle Plush Dog Toys aim to challenge and entertain their canine users much the way developmental toys do for children.
The IQube, for instance, features a plush cube with balls nestled inside to test dogs’ intelligence and puzzle-solving skills as they try to get the balls out.
The Hide-A-Squirrel toy, meanwhile, includes three toy squirrels hiding in a plush log, challenging dogs to find and remove them.
Then there’s the IntelliBone, featuring a plush bone toy surrounded by removable plush rings.
Prices on the Puzzle Plush line range from USD 11.49 to USD 21.99.
Kyjen makes a variety of other dog toys as well, including an Eco Hemp line and a variety of Bottle Buddies designed to hold recycled water bottles for extra crinkle noise and chewing satisfaction.
The company’s products are available globally in retail pet specialty stores, mail order catalogues and online, including from Amazon.